Roof Racks

low profile roof rack
Low-Profile Roof Racks


Sleek and aerodynamic, this rack virtually disappears into the lines of the vehicle.  Many have claimed that they look like they could be original equipment from the vehicle's manufacturer.  If clearance is an issue (into garages and/or parking structures), this is the ticket!

roof rack
Basket-Style Roof Racks

This is the traditional style of roof rack that you're most accustomed to seeing.  Perfect for carrying just about anything!  Also a great platform to attach accessory items like axe/shovel mounts, fuel packs, awning, lights, etc.  You can get this style of roof rack with either 4" tall sides or 6" tall sides, your choice!

Rooftop tent rack
Rooftop Tent Racks


Get above the things that slither and crawl.  A rooftop tent keeps you off the ground and sleeping in luxury.  Plus, you have a rooftop view of your surroundings!  Quick setup and take-down makes you quickly mobile.  And, let's face it, it's just plain cool!

Hybrid roof rack
Hybrid Roof Racks

Part basket rack, part platform...just right!  This rack provides storage as well as a place to mount a rooftop tent.  But, don't let the ideas end there.  A hybrid rack may just be the perfect solution to those who carry boards, bikes, sheet goods, etc.

platform rack
Platform Roof Racks

With a total height of one inch, this is the lowest profile rack offered by DiamondRax.  Instead of two hoops forming the roof rack, this is a single hoop.  No sides on this rack!  Great for those who want an aerodynamic solution or who have issues of limited height clearances.

Liberty Rack

The DiamondRax production model. Available in either two, three, or four inch height, this rack is an excellent addition to any vehicle needing a little extra storage space.

I don't know what rack is best for my needs...

Don't panic!  There are many things to consider when choosing the right roof rack system.  What is the intended purpose of the roof rack?  What activities do you enjoy and, therefore, what type of gear are you likely to carry in the rack?  How often will you be using the roof rack?  Do you see yourself using a rooftop tent now or in the future?   The answers to these questions and many more will help determine which version of  BlackdiamondRax roof rack you'll want.  Call us at 909.744.8103.  We'll point you in the right direction and dial-in a roof rack that is perfect for YOU!



DiamondRax roof racks could be considered the "next generation" of the Con-ferr versions that were so popular, rugged and reliable in their day.  By retaining many of the traits that made the Con-ferr units so sought after, the DiamondRax versions are a unique blend of old-school function and modern form.


We understand that one size does NOT fit all when it comes to roof racks.  Therefore, DiamondRax come in a variety of sizes and profiles to meet your specific needs.  Whether you are hauling camping gear, a boat, a couple snowboards, or need a platform for photography or rooftop tent, DiamondRax has an option for you.


All DiamondRax roof racks feature the unique "diamond" hoops made from 3/4 inch heavy wall steel tubing.  Two hoops are formed and then joined via welded steel plates to achieve a variety of depths:  platforms, 4-inch sides or 6-inch sides.  The 4-inch and 6-inch versions display the trademark diamond hole in each steel plate (as compared to Con-ferr's porthole design).


The four corners of each DiamondRax roof rack are solid, (just like the Con-ferr racks) - a design you won't find anywhere else.  These corners are not only good-looking, but functional as well. The solid corners protect cargo held in the rack from being damaged by branches or other overhanging objects they may come into contact with.  Also, items such as hi-lift jacks, axes, or shovels are protected (and less visible to would-be thieves) within the corner bends. 


Depending on the length of the DiamondRax roof rack, you choose, there are anywhere from 2 to 5 crossbars that run the entire width of the rack and are welded in place.  These crossbars have attachment points for whatever style of mounting system you choose to incorporate.


DiamondRax roof racks come powder coated in a textured satin black finish and are guaranteed for materials and workmanship for one year.*