Rack Mounts

Bulldog 2.0 Heavy Duty Rain Gutter Clamps
A stronger, updated and more aerodynamic version of Con-ferr's legendary Bulldog rain gutter clamps.  Quite possibly the beefiest commercially-produced clamps available on the market today.  Will work with all Con-ferr roof racks.
Triple Dog Gutter Supports
Bolt these 1/8" thick by 9" long pieces of steel to the back of our Bulldog 2.0's and you have the ultimate rain gutter clamp.  Cheap insurance against rain gutter deformation.  Compatible with Con-ferr Bulldog clamps, too!
Adjustable Mounts
If you don't have rain gutters on your vehicle, consider these bad boys.  Completely adjustable for height variations, front-to-back and side-to-side curvature.  Perfect for mounting to camper shells, to Jeep hardtops and to pickup truck bed rails. Drilling required, but SO worth it!
Track Mounts
If you have factory-installed tracks or rails on the roof of your vehicle, we have many ways to attach a DiamondRax roof rack to them.  These are largely vehicle year/make/model specific.  We also have applications for use with Yakima or Thule tracks.  Many options are virtually invisible!