Truth be known, we're hesitant to list prices of roof racks here.  Why?  Because often times, a client really doesn't understand what they really need in a roof rack.  They don't really know what width, length and height would be best for them, their rigs, and their intended uses.  We can't tell you how many times we have started a conversation with a client who thought they wanted a certain rack, who ended up purchasing a RADICALLY different rack after we talked to them.


We do, however, realize that many people want at least a ballpark figure to work from. That makes sense to us, so here you go. Just keep in mind that it is HIGHLY (and I do mean HIGHLY) recommended that you speak to a DiamondRax representative prior to placing your order.'ve been warned...
















Roughly speaking, you can predict that a DiamondRax will run you about $25 per square foot.  Bear in mind that racks do NOT include mounting hardware - that is purchased independent of the rack.  Also keep in mind that this does NOT include options like an angled rack front or welded-in flooring slats.

Pricing Guide Roof Racks