Triple Dog Gutter Supports


Coupled with our Bulldog 2.0 Heavy Duty Rain Gutter Clamps, these Triple Dog Gutter Supports create the ULTIMATE rain gutter clamp available on the market today.  Hands down.  Period.  Got it?  Good.  In fact, we Triple Dog dare you to find a better clamp out there!


DiamondRax's exclusive Triple Dog Gutter Supports are fabricated of 1/8" steel and are designed to bolt directly to the back of our Bulldog 2.0's.  Why?  To better distribute the weight on your rain gutter over a much larger surface area to greatly reduce the liklihood of deformation.  In other words, the load on each clamp is spread out over 9" of your rain gutter, versus 3.5"  without them.  That's over TRIPLE the surface area that contacts your rain gutter.  Triple....Triple Dog....get it?!























Powder coated in the same satin black, lightly textured finish as our Bulldog 2.0's and of course, they're compatible with the original Con-ferr Bulldog clamps.

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