Track Mounts


Several vehicles come from the factory with some form of tracks already installed on the roof.  We, therefore, fabricate mounts that will slide into these tracks to securely attach a DiamondRax roof rack to the vehicle.  These vary in width and design based on the specific vehicle.  Some makes/models may have a couple different track mount styles available to choose from.























In addition to vehicles that come factory-equipped with a track system, Yakima and Thule offer track systems that can be used in many different applications, like on camper shells, hardtops, pickup bed rails, etc.  Of course, we fabricate mounts to slide into these tracks!


Regardless of the track system, our DiamondRax Track Mounts are fabricated using steel plates, threaded studs, high-density spacer blocks, etc, to form a safe and secure method of attaching a roof rack to your vehicle.


Prices range from $29.95 per PAIR to $59.95 per PAIR and, as always, they are all compatible with Con-ferr roof racks.

track mount