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Just the idea of sleeping in a tent that's mounted to the roof of your vehicle is uber-cool, right?!  We think so!  Not only is it fun, but it is very functional, too.  With the ability to set up and break down the tent in a matter of minutes, you are extremely mobile.  In fact, you can even leave your sleeping bags laid-out in the tent when you close it up.  Pull into your camping spot, set up the tent and let your head hit your pillow in no time!  No more tent poles to wrestle with or sharp rocks under your sleeping bag to keep you from a good night's sleep.  


DiamondRax rooftop tent racks are manufactured to be compatible with many different brands, makes and models of rooftop tents.  In most cases, they will work with tents that have closed dimensions of 55" wide by 48" long (give or take an inch or so).  Depending on the vehicle to which the tent will be mounted, you may need a rear-opening rooftop tent rack or a side-opening tent rack.


Rear-Opening Rooftop Tent Racks
























           First Generation:  This rack is designed for clients who will likely leave the rooftop tent mounted in the rack most, if not all, of the time.  It has two crossbars that are specifically placed to coincide with the two mounting tracks on the bottom of the tent.  It has an opening at the rear of the rack to facilitate the deployment of the tent off the back of the vehicle.   The minimum width for this type of rack is 62" (so you can remove and install the rooftop tent's cover), though the length can be altered for different vehicle applications.




           Second Generation:  This rack is geared more toward clients who will use the rack with the tent at times, but also without the tent at other times.  It also has two crossbars spaced (about 32" apart) to coincide with the mounting tracks on the bottom of the rooftop tent, but it also has an additional crossbar in-between them to close up the gap (so gear doesn't fall through).  It also features a removable rear panel, for use when the rooftop tent is NOT mounted in the rack.  With the panel in place, the rack looks and functions just like a normal, basket-style roof rack.  When the tent IS mounted in the rack, the panel is removed to allow for the deployment of the tent.  As with the First Generation Rooftop Tent Rack, the Second Generation requires a minimum rack width of 62" to enable the installation and removal of the tent's cover, but length can vary.



Side-Opening Rooftop Tent Racks



Our Side-Opening Rooftop Tent Racks are for vehicles that are narrower (that would not work with a 62" wide rack).  This version will work with racks that are a minimim of 54" wide.  Again, lengths can vary according to the vehicle it is being mounted on.  As the name suggests, this rack allows the rooftop tent to be deployed off the side of the vehicle (either side).  There is a removable panel that can be bolted in place when the tent is not mounted in the rack so that it looks and functions like a traditional basket-style roof rack.  When the rooftop tent is being used, the panel is removed to allow the tent to clamshell open.

roof top tent rack
roof top tent rack