Bulldog 2.0 Heavy Duty Rain Gutter Clamps


Con-ferr developed the original Bulldog rain gutter clamp about 25 years ago.  Millions of them have been sold all over the world and continue to do their intended duty holding Con-ferr roof racks to the rain gutters of countless vehicles.  Nothing wrong with that, for sure!


But that was then and this is now!  Taking the basic design elements of the Bulldog clamp, DiamondRax has improved the strength and appearance to a more modern rain gutter clamp....the Bulldog 2.0 Heavy Duty Rain Gutter Clamp.


























There is absolutely no plastic on this clamp.  Where's the beef, you ask?  It's right here, in the form of a rain gutter clamp body made entirely of 1/8" steel.  Upper brackets are formed from 3/16" steel.  No more exposed bolt heads on the body - they are now fully enclosed.  No longer do you have the threaded stud extending up and out of the clamp body, only the bolt head and washer are visible.  Completed powder coated in a satin black, lightly textured finish.  Each clamp is about 3 pounds of burliness.


And, true of all DiamondRax mounts, Bulldog 2.0's are 100% compatible with all Con-ferr roof racks!


For different vehicle applications, we offer three different heights of upper brackets (short, standard and tall).  


*For the ULTIMATE in heavy duty rain gutter clamps, please click here.

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