Adjustable Mounts


This is one Con-ferr application that we decided to re-vamp more than some of the others.  For attaching roof racks to hardtops, camper shells, pickup bed rails, etc, Con-ferr's mounts kinda looked like re-purposed door hinges.  A little less aesthetically pleasing that we wanted, though they did do the job quite well.


Much development went into our DiamondRax Adjustable Mounts to make them work in a variety of applications.  We knew it had to compensate for slight height variances, many different side-to-side and front-to-back angles and, of course, be completely bulletproof.  Mission accomplished...






















Built entirely from 1/8" steel and powder coated in our signature lightly textured satin black finish, these units are extremely strong and durable.  Each unit comes complete with mounting hardware, though the length of bolt to mount the clamp to whatever surface you're using will vary depending on the thickness of the material.  Drilling is required.


DiamondRax Adjustable Mounts cost $79.95 per PAIR and, as always, are completely compatible with Con-ferr roof racks.

roof mount