Our Team

DiamondRax was forged from the fires of Con-ferr, the legendary off-road builder and supplier of all types of innovative and quality products for a multitude of vehicles.


Our master welder and fabricator, Dave Forgerson, worked side-by-side Pete Condos (the "Con" in the Con-ferr name) and the two were fast friends.  The shop where Dave still fabricates today was, in fact, the R&D site for many of the Con-ferrdesigns and prototypes.  Though Pete is now gone, he gave Dave his blessing to continue on in the Con-ferr tradition of building and marketing highly functional, creative and durable products for the off-road community.  

What We're About...

Simplicity:  Clean lines.  Straight-forward design.  Classic looks.  This is how our products have been described and we couldn't be more thrilled!  We try to keep the K.I.S.S. mentality when we're developing new designs....and it isn't always easy.  It doesn't take much to get caught up in all the "bells and whistles" at times, but we try our best to stay grounded and stay with what works.  "Simple" doesn't mean stagnant....we always seem to have smoke pouring out of our ears as we work through the ideas that woke us out of a sound sleep at two o'clock in the morning! 


Balance:  Like all things in life, balance is important.  This is true with roof racks, too!  Weight versus strength.  Form versus function.  Cost versus value.  These and many other considerations were (and still are) debated when we started building DiamondRax roof racks. Each decision has been weighed carefully to bring you a roof rack that is aesthetically pleasing, yet still delivers strong and reliable performance when the chips are down.


Purpose:  There is something about using a well-designed, properly built tool.  It does exactly what you want and expect it to do.  It makes the job you're doing easier.  It makes your job more enjoyable.  That is precisely DiamondRax's purpose.  Period.  Our goal is to provide you with tools that WORK....and, frankly, that look great on your rig!